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Kovalam is situated in Kerala at a distance of 16 km from the capital Thiruvanathapuram. It is a city blessed with gorgeous beaches and attractive locations. Kovalam lie in the southern side of the Kerala. The tidal waves around here are very moderate and attract a lot of foreigners. It was previously functioning as a normal fishing destination but with the arrival of the hippie era completely transformed its outline. It is by now most popular beaches in India.

The name Kovalam derived its name from the Malayalam words ‘a groove of coconut trees’. The glory of Kovalam beaches go back to the early 1930s. The Maharaja of Travancore discovered the place and used to visit on his leisure time to relax. His effort in making the beach popular is innumerable.

The city of Kovalam is located alongside of Malabar Coast. Hooked by the magnificent beauty of Kovalam, a large number of Hippie visitors were seen gathering during the period of 1970s. This kind of reputation made Kovalam famous among international tourists. There are few nearby villages that still practice fishing. Basically a large population of fishermen inhabits the place along with other locals. The lifestyle around here is laidback and relaxing, with warm people welcoming you with open hands.

Kovalam consists of three main beaches in the circumference of 17 km range. The Lighthouse Beach lie toward the southern side is the most visited beach here. It is a very convenient beach with the offerings of choices of many hotels, restaurants and lodges and shopping area. The northernmost crescent has many names Main Beach, Leela Beach; Samudra Beach is frequented by all kinds of people. It is mostly a weekend getaway with locals, travelers and tourists visiting in large numbers. The centre beach or Hawa Beach is a liberated beach and one can enjoy top-less bathing. The authority makes sure to keep safety first and engages life guards on around the beaches.

You can hire a taxi from Trivandrum to get into Kovalam around 400-500Rs or auto-rickshaw for 150-170Rs. But if you want to travel in a budget, then go for the public bus with the ticket price around 8Rs. You need to decide first where you want to go, the Lighthouse Beach, Hawa Beach or the Leela beach.

Tourist can engage themselves in sunbathing, swimming and exploring the beaches. The place offers a treat for the food lovers. Especially sea food is a craze around here. You can cherish fresh fish, lobster, crab, prawns etc. Be advised, the price of some food can get a bit higher. Some places to visit around Kovalam are Padmanabhapuram Palace, Kaudiar Palace, Anchuthengu Fort, Koyikkal Palace, Napier Museum, Science & Technology Museum, Veli tourist village, Sankhumugham Beach etc.

Surfing – It is very good sport and you can enjoy by hiring surf boards from $6USD a day. The price is expected to rise during peak seasons. It is advised to surf under life-guards observation as there are some strong currents and sudden impacts.

Wooden Boat Ride – The Leela Beach has the facility o access the traditional Catamaran. The rides given are from 15 to 120 min and charge is around 300 to 600Rs per head. The best time to ride that boat is early morning.

Motor Boat Ride – It has been introduced since 2009 by the local people. Though, talks have been going on against he motor boats destroying the natural essence of the place.

How to Reach

By Air

The nearby airport is at Trivandrum, around 16 km range.

By Train

The nearby railhead is Trivandrum Central, around 15 km range.

By Train

Kovalam is very much well connected to nearby major cities and with luxury bus services from Bangalore, Chennai etc.

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