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Kasol Himachal Pradesh

Kasol has gained popularity among young backpackers who visit this small valley to get away from the chaos of crowded cities. It is located in Parvati Valley on the banks of the river Parvati, on the way to Manikaran. It is situated on the east side of Kullu. Tourists from Israel are seen in abundance, which is why it is also called mini-Israel.

Kasol is for people who want to just lay back and enjoy nature. You can even set your own camp on the top of the hill or spend your day trekking through the green fields in the surroundings. The river Parvati flowing along edges of the valley attracts tourists from different parts of the country. Although the place is not developed in terms of infrastructure, it has some small bistros that serve decent food in different cuisines. Kasol can be a great place for North Indians to spend their weekends.

Flora and Fauna

Kasol is filled with trees and plants. The locals cultivate hash and apples for a living. You will notice the cannabis plant on the roads and even in the forests. Also, the area has pine trees and exotic flowers. Other than the trees, plants, and flowers, you will find a glistening and clean Parvati River in the village. You can find goats, exotic birds, and other wild animals. It is best to be prepared with safety kits! Since you will be walking in lush forests, you must keep all the safety equipment. 

Places to Visit in Kasol

Kasol is the first point for many popular treks of Himachal Pradesh like Sar Pass, Kheerganga, Pin Parvati Pass Trek, and Yanker Pass. You can also visit the nearby village of Malana, which is known for its Himalayan traditions that they have preserved for centuries. Kasol is also famous for its fun rave parties.

Kheerganga Trek – Trekkers Paradise

Kheer Ganga is situated at the edge of the Parvati valley at the altitude of about 3050 m and is known to be the last inhabited village of the valley. The extensive sky and the weeping view of the meadows seem spectacular and the freshness of the surroundings takes away tiredness of the body and soul.

The place is mainly known for hot spring, a bathing tank, and a small temple of Lord Shiva that is considered sacred among Hindus. Hot spring water feels soothing especially in winters when snow hides the green terrain of the entire landscape. The snow remains in this region from November to January.


It is one of the most important places in the famous sites of Kasol. Malana is a small village in the side valley of Parvati valley. It is famous for its different culture, spiritual belief, and the way of reaching it through trekking. Many people come here to spend some time isolated from the outer world in the silence of nature. This place is also famous for its temples. There are two main temples in Malana, which are Shrine of Renuka Devi and Jamdagni Temple. These two temples are situated nearby, and more precaution is kept for the wellbeing of these temple by the locals.


It is famous for Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara situated at the banks of Parvati river. Just like Kasol, it is also located in the valley of the Parvati river, but it is about 4 km from Kasol. Along with Gurudwara, this place is also having some famous temple that is the reason it is very famous as the Hindu and Sikh pilgrimage also. There are three hot water springs at this place. One is inside the Gurudwara, and private Guest houses own the two others. These hot water springs are supposed to cure the diseases due to some naturally mixed sulfur in it.

Parvati River sidewalk

Not for everyone but sure for the Silence lover, this place can also be counted as one of the places to be visited here. After doing all the activities and fun here, people can enjoy some relaxation at this place, in it’s a quiet and serene environment. The walk alongside this river will mesmerize you through its cold weather and sound of the wind, filled with the cool moisture of the river water. Sitting on the rocks near the flowing river and hearing the sound of flow in the silence of nature can never be forgotten easily by anyone

Along with these, there are many other places too, which you can explore here, like shopping from the local shops, enjoying the regional and cultural foods and many others.


This is where villagers cultivate hash/weed and apples for a living. A trek in this area would be peaceful and you can smoke up the best weed. The peaceful village offers you a relaxing holiday and should not be missed at any cost.


Since you are visiting Kasol, you must trek to the nearby village called Rasol. You will find a sign-board that says ‘Magic Rasol’. Well, you can simply relax here and try the magic Rasol.


Explore the Chalal trail. This is best for trekking and witnessing nature’s true beauty. It is peaceful, beautiful and you will get good food to eat!

Activities to do in Kasol Himachal


Apart from Kheer Ganga trek, Pin Parvati Pass is also one of the best Himalayan trekking passes you can opt for. The route of this trekking pass is about 5-6 kilometres. his trek is full of challenges, and the distance is also not an easy-going for everyone. Here even an experienced trekker will find many more things to be still added in his experience. Along with these, another famous place to trek is the Sar pass trek.


In order to enjoy camping at its best, Kasol is the valley to be at. It has many attractive places such as Tosh that is a remote point of Kasol. Once you reach the town of Tosh, you may get confused that whether you are in India or abroad. All around you, you will find camps and other temporary homestays  for foreigners. You can see them spending leisure time, camping and exploring the valley. More than camping it is famous for peaceful vibes.

Kasol is also famous for yoga, meditation, international cuisine and most importantly, Marijuana. Have a drag of the authentic Marijuana seed, while dancing around the campfire. This may just make your day.

Israeli Cuisine

Kasol is the best town in India that serves Israeli Cuisine. People from all over the country people come here mainly to enjoy the flavor of Israeli food in India. All major cuisines of Israel, be it veg or non-veg, you can enjoy here at affordable prices.

Most of the restaurants that serve this cuisine are located at Manikaran Road, Kasol; however, the locals also prepare a lot of Israeli dishes on various occasions. So, even if you are at a homestay while visiting this town, you can still request an Israeli dish, breakfast or lunch. Due to the wonderful hospitality of the locals, and their interest in Israeli food, they will have it prepared for you in a heartbeat.

Jeep Safari

If you want to experience the real thrill of a jeep safari, then visiting Malana, which is a small village near Kasol, is a must. The place has a raw touch to it, as it still does not have proper hotels to stay at, or proper restaurants to dine at. The forests are lush green, and the only way through it is via the Jeep Safari.

One can set up a camp in the middle of the forest to make it even more interesting, as it is a long drive, and tiring from Kasol to Malana. Enjoy it while you still can, because Malana is not a town for people of all ages.

Climate of Kasol

The temperature in Kasol varies from 14 degrees to 22 degrees. Afternoons are warmer, but late evenings get chilly. However, the weather stays pleasant all through the year. In the winter season, the temperature can go down to 2 degrees Celsius.

The best time to visit Kasol is from October to June. November to February is extremely chilly! If you are planning to visit Kasol during the winter season then get ready to be wrapped up in layers of clothes and sitting in the hotel room. It is possible that roads might get blocked due to snowfall.

If you are planning a trip, it is best to choose the summer season. Skip the monsoon and wintry months!

Other Visiting Places Nearby

FAQ - Common Questions

  • If you are coming from Delhi, it would be better to take any train, bus or plane, rather than any private car as not all the journey there you can do with the cars.
  • At many points there, even the bike cannot go. Yet after reaching there, it would be best for you to take any bike on rent and take all the possible nearby places visiting with the help of that motorcycle.
  • You can reach from any corner of the world very easily, depending on the way you choose to reach.
  • From Delhi, you can reach the airport Bhunter, and therefrom Kasol is just at a one-hour distance, which you can cover either by any local bus or any hired taxi.
  • If you want to go there by plane, you can take the flight up to Chandigarh and where you can take any bus for Kasol.

Kasol is the place where you can go in any month of the year, but still, there is a specific time that you can choose to go there to enjoy some of your favorite sports.

  • The summer months from March to June are recommended to go there. During this time, you can enjoy the wilderness of nature at full. In the summer season, the average temperature of Kasol is Around 17-degree Celsius, which is very good for enjoying nature without any excess heat and cold.
  • The other best option to go there is in January. This month there is an excellent possibility to witness the snowfall. So, if you want to feel the real snow, you may visit this place in January. Here one thing you have to take care of is about the routes.
  • During winter, many ways of these places get blocked due to some heavy snowfall.

Kasol is the base camp to operates some popular treks of Himachal Pradesh like Sar Pass, Kheerganga trek, Pin Parvati Pass Trek, and Yanker Pass.

The difficulty level of Kasol to Kheerganga trek at a moderate level. The endpoint is Kheerganga is located at  2,960 meters height above sea level. Trek rout is a little bit rough and steep climb some times. The total trek distance is around 12 kms one side. Kids below 14 years and above age 60 are not recommended to do this trek.

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