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Lansdowne Hills Tour
3 Days / 2 Night’s
Delhi - Lansdowne


Lansdowne – The Getaway of Haven


A town straight out of a Ruskin Bond novel, Lansdowne is a beautiful hill-station and is located in the state of Uttarakhand. Along with the scenic beauty of the place, the British influence and infrastructure also catch your eye when you’re taking a stroll through these streets.


While the hill station of Lansdowne is famous for its densely spread forests and breathtaking views, that take you a few steps closer to the calm and serenity nature with each trip, Lansdowne also has a rich military history.

The town was founded as a military base for the Garhwal Rifles Regiment under the British rule, and the regiment is active to this day. The true beauty and grace of this place come out in the summers. With more than pleasant temperatures and bright, vibrant flora surrounding you, it truly is a city detox. While summers are great, the features of Lansdowne over the years have become enjoyable all year round.

Places to Visit in Lansdowne

Tip N Top

While Lansdowne has many viewpoints that give a stunning view of nature’s beauty, Tip N Top, takes the prize. Also known as Tiffin Top, it’s situated on a ridge not far from St. Mary’s Church. It’s a small trek that can be done easily, and the view of the Shivalik Hills and the snow-covered Himalayas are worth way more than the struggle to reach.

Bhulla Lake

A calm and beautiful man-made lake, now taken care of by the Indian Army. The lake’s background gives the place depth and character that you probably wouldn’t notice otherwise. The lake was created as a tribute to the young Garwhali soldiers who lost their lives for the country.

Garhwali Museum and Mess

Built-in the 1800s the Garhwali Museum should be one of the first stops you make in this town. Not only do the museums provide information about the heritage of the town but also give your trip a bit of context and perspective.

St. Mary’s Church

Close to the Tip N Top point, St. Mary Church is an architectural marvel, built in the year 1896, the church personifies the peace and winter beauty of the town it’s located in.

Activities to do in Lansdowne

“One can be doing nothing, but can never be bored in the town of Lansdowne.”

Terrific for Trekking

Before anything else, Lansdowne is a hill station, that implies some unique to its kind trekking routes. With the treks primarily falling in the beginner to moderate level of difficulties, the trek’s aren’t just left to the pros. Snow Viewpoint and Hawagarh are two of such treks.

Catch the Camping Bug

 A bonfire, a bowl of Maggie and the pleasantly cold atmosphere of Lansdowne. The worries of the city are nowhere to be seen. Let the hotel rooms be for some other trip, simply pack up a tent and some essentials and Lansdowne’s more than accommodating lush green fields and hilltops will welcome you with open arms.

Is that a Bird?

Along with the clear blue skies, the tall pine trees in Lansdowne make it a perfect place for birdwatching. Birds like the northern pintail, red-crested pochard, ruddy shelduck and more migrate every year from different parts of the world to enjoy their stay at Lansdowne. Keep them scopes and cameras ready.

Who’s hungry?

After a long day of treks and hikes, one needs a good meal to end the day. Luckily enough, one of the special features of Lansdowne is the regional cuisine. Dishes like Kafuli, Baadi, Kulath, and Phaanu will make you call for seconds for sure.

Best time to visit Lansdowne

The town attracts tourists all year long with the primary season begin March-November. The summer brings out a different side to the town with lively markets, adventure sports, and clear skies, make Lansdowne a great summer get-away. During the monsoon season is when flora and fauna of the place reach its peak. This is also the time when the most amount of birds migrate to this town.

How to reach Lansdowne

By Air

You can catch a flight to the Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun which is approximately 150km from Lansdowne, with Taxi services available with ease.

By Rail

The nearest station to Lansdowne in Kotdwar, the Mussoorie Express is a widely recommended choice for most tourists.

By Road

Lansdowne is around 250kms from Delhi, a 9-1o hour journey on the Kotdwara-Pauri Road, NH-119.

In conclusion, Lansdowne is a town that is still on its journey to be discovered. The last decade saw a spike in the number of tourists that go in, but the place remains still undiscovered by the majority.

But more importantly, the town still has its raw heritage and atmosphere intact, which makes it amongst the top 5 of any traveler’s bucket list.

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