Munsiyari Hills Snow Clad Mountain



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Munsiyari Hill Station – Uttarakhand

General Information

Located in Pithoragarh District, Munsiyari is a beautiful hamlet in Uttarakhand. It is placed right at the entrance of the Johar Valley. Witness the snow-capped mountains and get mesmerized by the open skies and fresh air. You do not get to breathe fresh air in the city, and the views are worth a billion bucks!

Munsiyari is approximately 624 km away from the capital of India. However, it is 192 km away from Almora. If you are thinking of driving from Delhi to Munsiyari, consider doing a quick halt and resting for a while. Even though Munsiyari has not been explored by too many travelers, but the momentum has begun. Travelers are exploring offbeat places, and this destination is becoming a part of the list.

History and its Importance

Munsiyari literally means ‘Place of Snow’. There was a time when this hamlet was not known to anyone, but now it is gaining popularity. Ski enthusiasts, bird photographers, and nature lovers are visiting Munsiyari, and they are astonished to see what a beautiful place like this exists in Uttarakhand.

There is a historical tale that tells us that it took 25 days to reach Munsiyari from Tibet. In the early days, the locals would eat salt that came from Tibet. It became a salt route as the people would bring this back from Tibet.

The locals in Munsiyari worship Nanda Devi. In the year 1962, the salt trade stopped because Tibet’s border was sealed. Since agriculture was not as favorable in this region, the locals migrated to other villages. Trekking enthusiasts visit Munsiyari because it is the base station for famous treks to Namik, Ralam, and Milam Glaciers.

Visiting Places in Munsiyari

Birthi Falls is 35 km away from Munsiyari. It falls from a height of 400 ft and looks beautiful from a distance. The Panchachuli peak is a visual treat for travelers! The five snow-clad peaks look stunning, and photographers can get great shots of these.

There is a potato farm near Munsiyari! Although it is an offbeat place to visit, you will enjoy seeing how potatoes are grown.

The Maheshwari Kund is located 10 km away from the destination. It is surrounded by vegetation, and once you are near the Kund, there will be complete silence. Khaliya Top is located 8 km away from Munsiyari. This is surrounded by snowy peaks, which gives you a chance to capture the beauty. Apart from photography, you can enjoy a walk and breathe fresh. Do you get to do this amidst a polluted city? The answer is a resounding NO!

Trekkers enjoy going to the Khaliya Top. A 6 km trek from Balanti Farm will take you straight to Khaliya Top. Once you have reached the destination, the view will be stellar, and you would also get a faint scent of old oaks and pine trees.

Activities in Munsiyari

The hotels and resorts can arrange a trekking tour for you. Although Munsiyari is a village and is best for relaxing, the adventure lovers can go for a trekking tour at the hill base camps. There are nature walks held on a daily basis. Visit Thamari Kund for a fabulous nature walk and be up close and personal with Mother Nature.

Munsiyari is located at the beginning of the Johar Valley. This is the best place for skiing enthusiasts. Get in touch with adventure package tour operators as they will help you with the bookings. Bird watching is another activity that you will enjoy in Munsiyari. These birds are not the ones you see in your city! These are rare and exotic birds who love the valleys and the untouched greenery.

Best Time to Visit

Summertime is perfect in this small hamlet. Visit Munsiyari in the month of March as the weather gets pleasant. The best time to visit will be from March to June and September to October.

July is the month you can avoid because the monsoon season affects the roads and it gets dangerous. Plus, travelers will not be able to explore the beauty of nature amidst rainfall.

Winter season is dry and too cold. Avoid the winter season! November is still a bearable month, but December and January are extremely cold and harsh.

How to Reach

By Air

The nearest airport is Pithoragarh Airport. It is 90 km away from the destination. Travelers would need to take a taxi or a local bus to reach Munsiyari. You can take a flight from Delhi to Pithoragarh airport.

By Train

The nearest railway station is in Kathgodam and Tanakpur. Munsiyari is 275 km away from Kathgodam and 286 km from Tanakpur. Buses and taxis are available from the railway station that will take you to Munsiyari.

By Road

Buses for Almora, Haldwani, and Tanakpur are available from the Delhi ISBT. You can either take a bus or use your own car. Booking a cab is another possibility. Since the drive will be too long from Delhi to Munsiyari, it is best to take a small break in Almora.

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