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Sattal – Lake city of Uttarakhand

General Information

Sattal is a paradisiacal destination that is decorated with seven mysteriously inter-connected lakes, the nearness of which obviously gave the name to this vacation destination. The spot goes under Nainital locale and is arranged in the Kumaon district of Uttarakhand at a rise of 1370 meters over the ocean level and is a store of nature, a safe house for meandering birds, home to the entrancing scene and thriving green oaks and pine trees. Sattal is as yet a secluded territory, which is perfect for getting a charge out of birding, outdoors, and untamed life locating.

History of Sattal

Religious beliefs about the Sattal lakes go back to the times of the Mahabharata. Nal Damyanti Lake is named after King Nal and his wife Damyanti. King Nal and his wife Damyanti sentenced to exile by his brother and they sought refuge in Sattal. Lord Rama also lived here in the time of their exile from Ayodhya.

Places to visit in Sattal

Methodist Ashram

Methodist Ashram is a spot that shows the noteworthy essentialness of the town just as the pioneer building wonder that it is. Made in the year 1930 by a companion of Mahatma Gandhi, Stanley Jones, this landmark denotes the passage purpose of banks of wonderful Sattal.

A St. Johns Church is situated in the premises of the Ashram giving this spot a vibe of isolation and quietness.

Subhash Dhara

Spouting from the thick oak timberlands of Sattal is the awesome Subhash Dhara. This characteristic spring of unadulterated water offers a brilliant incredible sight. On a visit to this spring, you may likewise get an opportunity to see probably the most fascinating types of feathered creatures fluttering and tweeting near the water body.

Butterfly Museum

Butterfly Farm is an exhibition hall at John’s home that will make you feel near nature. Lodging about 1110 types of insects and more than 2500 changed types of butterflies, the spot is a heaven for nature buffs.

Best time to visit Sattal

Sattal is a universal destination which can be visited at any time of the year. But summers and winters are the most appropriate weather to visit Sattal as during monsoon heavy rainfall is expected.


Summers in Sattal by and large begins in April and lasts until June. The temperature ranges from 15°C to 30°C. During summers, the climate gets sweltering during the daytime however at night, the temperature lets down altogether. As the summers in Sattal are very wonderful, they are the best time to visit and to appreciate the lovely landscape.


Another season when Sattal witnesses’ wonderful climate is throughout the winter season which starts in the period of November and keeps going till February. Winters in Sattal are especially cold and the temperature dives down to 0°C. The spot is at the pinnacle of its magnificence during these months. The snow covers everything under its thick cover making the site look very lovely.

Things to do in Sattal

Kayaking and Boating

The seven interconnected lakes that give Sattal its name loan an ethereal appeal to the spot and are ideal for different exercises. The Uttarakhand Government has made courses of action for Boating and kayaking here, and it is highly unlikely you shouldn’t utilize them.


The cool atmosphere of Sattal and its thick backwoods spread make for a worthwhile untamed life natural surroundings. Nothing unexpected then that more than 500 types of local and transitory feathered creatures are found here, making it one of the most well-known birding goals in India. To such an extent that numerous visitors visit here just to appreciate the bright bird species.

Rappelling and river crossing

Different administrators of adventure exercises in Sattal give exciting services like rappelling and river crossing. These exercises have experienced important wellbeing checks and are government-affirmed.


Seven lakes of Sattal is a shelter of a large variety of fish that makes it a great place for fishing.

How to reach Sattal

Sattal is well connected with the Uttarakhand and Delhi. Sattal is not so far from the airport and the railway station. It also has good road connectivity with the major cities and towns.

By Air

Sattal does not have its own airport so tourists have to depend on the nearby airport which is Pantnagar, 50 km away from the Sattal. Taxis are easily available mode of transport from the airport to Sattal.

By Rail

Kathgodam is the nearest and well-connected Railway station with the major northern cities like Jaipur, Uttarakhand, Delhi, Gwalior, Dehradun, Lucknow, and more. Road transport is easily available from the station to the Sattal.

By Road

Sattal does not have its own bus stand but connected with the nearest bus stand of Nainital. The bus stand is 25 km far from the Sattal and one can take taxis to reach Sattal.

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