Chapora Fort Goa
Chapora Fort

Chapora Fort


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This fort has witnessed many battles in old times and still stands tall and proud at the coast as the remembrance of the Portuguese rule in this part of India. It has been a constant place of battle between Portuguese and Indians and has been known to changing flags depending on who wins the battle.

It was constructed in 1717 and stands on the banks of river Chapora, and offers beautiful scenic surroundings. This was probably one of the main reasons, the rulers were always fighting for the possession of this fort.

The surrounding area is a valley that ends in a sea. The view from the fort is worth at least a visit. You can spend hours in the arms of nature and explore this fort soaking in the sheer beauty of this place. Soothing wind swaying through the fort allows you to bear even the hot and humid temperature of Goa, which means you can visit this place in any season.

Make sure you bring eatables with you if you plan to spend more than an hour because there are no food vendors around this area and you might feel hungry after all the exploration and walk around the area.

The fort is open to visitors from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm on all days of the week.
How to reach
The fort is near to Panaji and you won’t have difficulty finding the cab that can drive you to this place easily.

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