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Divar Island

Divar Island


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Unlike most of the other beaches in Goa, Divar island offers recluse from crowded and rushed beaches. It holds one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa. You can enjoy your silence and seawater sparkling through the sunshine. If you want to experience something out of the way and different then you must visit this island at least once. This island gives you the solace of soul and mind that you were probably looking for away from your work life. It is definitely for you if you prefer to enjoy nature more than crazy party life. Even if you do like to party, you can visit this place the next morning you are done with partying. After all that hullabaloo, this place will feel like heaven.

Most of the area is covered with green lush forests which encompasses a village with a very small population. The locals give you a very homely vibe that feels raw and amazing. The view from the hilltop is amazingly beautiful. The place does not have any tourist attractions but the beauty of the island is an attraction in itself. There are some local churches that do not have much architectural value but if you are here, you might as well soak in the silence of these buildings.

How to reach?

You can easily reach this beautiful island by ferries that leave for this island every 15 minutes from 7’oclock in the morning till 8’o o’clock in the evening from Panaji.
If you want, you can stay at Divar Island Retreat which is located in a Portuguese mansion.

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