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Fort Aguada

Fort Aguada


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About Fort Aguada

Meant to be protecting the Portuguese against the external forces, this fort is the Goan heritage that reminds us of a struggle for power in old times. Now, it might not look as glorious as it was before but this mighty fold once could afford to keep around 79 cannons and other heavy weapons. It is was one of the esteemed assets of the Portuguese. It stands between the Sinquerim Beach and the Candolim Beach. There is a lighthouse that was built in 1864 and is the oldest lighthouse of India in this shape and size.

If you have even the slightest interest in knowing the heritage of your country, you will love this place. Also, you will get an insight into the prowess of the architectural engineers and workers of the time when technology wasn’t developed like how it is today.

Nevertheless, even if you are not into building designs and techniques, you can simply visit this place to witness the sea waves hitting the rocks of the magnificent fort spilling colours of the Sunset that looks breathtaking.

Afternoons can be a bit hot and humid but if you are in a season when the air is cool and a little drizzle is trying to make your day, you should definitely visit this place and see the day passing in tranquility.

How to reach For Aguada?

You can easily take a taxi or a bus from Panaji to reach this place.

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