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Miramar Beach

Miramar Beach


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About the Miramar beach

Get ready with your swimming gear, amigos! Miramar beach is magical in an odd way! You can literally walk on water on this beach. Swimming is possible and lifeguards dot the area so that travelers can be safe.

This is a great place to chill on the beach, take a quick swim, and enjoy a couple of beers. You must know that the cops take cleanliness pretty seriously around the beaches! Smoking on the beach is a punishable offense and you might need to pay a hefty fine for it. Enjoy the feeling of being on the beach! It is certainly priceless.

Things to do in Miramar Beach

There is not much to do in Miramar Beach because it is a spot that locals enjoy. You would not find a mad party crowd or youngsters chilling with a beer.

You can surely carry your own booze and enjoy solitude. Swimming in the sea and building sandcastles is a possibility. Even a long walk with your loved one would be a great idea.

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