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Vagator Beach

Vagator Beach


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About Vagator beach

Vagator Beach is located 22 km away from Panjim. It is located between Chapora River and Anjuna Beach. One of the most famous beaches in the area, Vagator is filled with palm groves and majestic red cliffs. Travelers can witness the beauty of nature and even visit the Portuguese fort located on the beach.

Swimming in this beach may not be a wise idea because the water is deep and rough. Here’s some good news for beach lovers! Vagator is not as crowded as other beaches in North Goa. You can be at peace and go for a long walk. If sunbathing or meditating is on your mind, head to Vagator.

Things to do in Vagator

You can find two beaches in Vagator. The one on your left is the Ozran Beach or the little beach. The right one is Big Vagator. The little Vagator is much more peaceful as compared to the bigger one.

You can enjoy eating snacks in the evening, meditate, visit the old fort and witness the natural beauty that makes this beach a truly blissful place.

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