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Mandawa Rajasthna

Mandawa is situated in the gorgeous state of Rajasthan of north India. The beautiful town comes under the Jhunjhunu district of Shekhawati region. The distance from Mandawa to Jaipur is 180 km and around 260 km from Delhi. The town has a necklace of ancient forts and havelis. The area has gained its unique reputation as ‘Open art gallery’, because of its demonstration of ancient art and culture in the walls of the havelis.

 The history of Mandawa was once resided by rich and wealthy merchant families. The city was formed during the mid 18th century. The residents used their influence and resources to build immaculate residences adorned with wall murals and paintings. As time moved along the merchants did migration to different places and the havelis were left behind. But however the gorgeous havelis are continuing to attract innumerous tourists from around the world.

Special Attractions of Mandawa

Castle Mandawa

One of the best places to visit during the vacation of Mandawa, is the gorgeous fort that rises above the town Mandawa. The architectural excellence and the beauty of this fort bring peace to any traveler who enters its premises. The strong gates are guarded by sword holding mustachioed men in colorful attire. This fort increases the depth of the town and bears many stories inside its walls.

Gulab Rai Wadia Haveli

This masterpiece of a haveli is situated towards south of the town. The beautiful work done on the inner and outer walls of Gulab Rai Wadia Haveli signify the class around in Shekhawati. The hundred year old structure stands tall depicting the gorgeous past of this town. It is considered as a must visit to enjoy ancient architecture.

Chowkhadi Haveli

This haveli is well reputed for containing twin wings. Chowkhadi Haveli boasts of intrinsic and well maintained murals. The wall paintings of British soldiers and sadhus with chillum add an interesting twist to its repute. You are bound to have a great time visiting this fort.

Goenka Double Haveli

The Double haveli is an addition of charm and gorgeousness in the line of magnificent forts in the region. The wall paintings, the beautiful designs, the traditional murals of Rajasthani women and religious images are the best part of this ancient fort.

Places to visit in Mandawa


Nawalgarh is a nearby popular excursion destination to Mandawa. The distance from Mandawa to Nawalgarh is approximately 36 km. The place has a reputation for hosting exquisite paintings of Shekhawati origin. Nawalgarh is an wonderful place that consist of eye-catching frescoes and tasteful architecture. The famous forts of this area are Aath Haveli, Anandilal Poddar Haveli, Hodh Raj Patodia Haveli etc.


Mukundgar is a magnificent town that exudes pure charm and beauty on its own terms. It is located around 20 km southeast of Mandawa. The town boasts of a wondrous fort and a handful of Haveli’s that bring it to a must visit destination.


Jhunjhunu functions as the district headquarter and known as the biggest town of Shekhawati. It is a gorgeous place that pulls a numerous tourist attractions. The appeals that highlight the place are Narudin Faruqi Haveli, Modi Haveli, Kaniram Narsinghdas Tiberwala Haveli, Mohanas Ishwardas Haveli, Bihariji Temple, Khetri Mahal are worth mentioning.

How to Reach

By Air

The nearby charter airport is situated in Junjhunu, which is reputed as the biggest city around here. The main functioning airport for regular flights is in Jaipur. Daily flights connect this airport to major airports in India.

By Train

The nearby railway station is in Jhunjhunu, you can hire cabs and buses to reach Mandawa.

By Road

There are regular bus services of both private and government sectors that ply to and fro from Mandawa and other nearby major places. It has good connectivity when road transport is concerned.

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