Kanwar Yatra guidelines, Shiva devotees, these are the preparations, restrictions

Kawar Yatra Uttarakhand

The ‘Kanwar Yatra’ is an annual voyage by the devotees of Lord Shiva. During this yatra, kanwariyas (pilgrims) visit places like Gaumukh, Gangotri, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, and Sultanganj in Bihar to bring the holy water of the river Ganges. Then they worship Lord Shiva with the same water. The Kanwar Yatra begins in the month of Shravan in July and August.

During the Kanwar Yatra, devotees carry the holy water of the Ganges River in a vessel, carrying it on a stick and then hanging it on their shoulders.

Some Guidelines have been set in the Kanwar Yatra to be held in 2022.

  • In Uttarakhand, liquor and meat shops will also remain closed on the way to Kanwar Yatra.
  • Bringing weapons to Kanwariyas will be prohibited.
  • Playing DJ in a loud voice will also be banned.

Steps were taken by Uttarakhand Government to prepare for Kanwar Yatra.

  • According to CM Dhami’s statement, the state has arranged the Kanwar Yatra for about six crore devotees.
  • Ten thousand police forces have been deployed.
  • Around 400 CCTV cameras will be monitored in the Kanwar area, and police will also monitor drone cameras in every circle.
  • The police have prepared an app for the Shiva devotees coming to Kanwar Yatra by registering in which the Kanwariya will be able to get many types of facilities.
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