5 Reasons Why Rishikesh is must-visit Destination for Adventure Lovers

Rafting Rishikesh

Rishikesh is ‘Paradise’ for Adventure Lovers

It is better not to count the reasons to visit Rishikesh because there are plenty. White Water Rafting is one of the most thrilling water-based adventure sports here. It gives you an up-close splash of untamed nature in a world where the majestic river is what you are up against. Ganga and its offshoots have so far been the most famous rivers for rafting in India.

There is no greater destination than Rishikesh in Uttarakhand for rafting where the river Ganga is in its best form. With plenty of camping and adventure options, Rishikesh has today evolved into a trending tourist spot as this place offers a dramatic experience of its diverse natural settings.

Rishikesh is well connected with several other tourist destinations and is easily accessible via railways, roadways, and airways from any corner of India. Here are some reasons to hop on a raft at least once in a lifetime while in Rishikesh.

1) Strategic location in the foothills of the Himalayas

Lying in the foothills of the Himalayas in the Garhwal region, Rishikesh is the gateway to the Himalayas. With myriad rivers gushing through the mountains and running into Rishikesh are some of those few interesting features that make this place an exciting destination for River rafting and other sightseeing activities.

The ideal time to enjoy rafting here is during the post-monsoon seasons which is from September to June. Barring the monsoons, as, during this period, the currents could turn uncontrollable and rise very high.

2) Adventure for Everyone!

Rishikesh gained tremendous admiration for being one of the top river rafting destinations in the world because it offers close to 37 Km long length of the Holy Ganges. Due to this unusual natural phenomenon, the town observes a vast influx of tourists every year from all over the world who come here to satiate their zest for rafting.

Most enthusiastic adventurers have found solace in the sacred Himalayan waters of Rishikesh where the popular rapids go by exotic names like “Golf Course,” “Initiation,” “The Wall,” etc. This long stretch of the river offers various grades of a thrill to meet the interest of both experts and novices.  Rafting in Rishikesh will certainly keep you fascinated with its unusual charm and delight! You may refer to the image for the classification of rapids, that can be enjoyed in Rishikesh.

3) Every part of the river is a magical experience

The rafting activities have been categorized based on its rapid rate to get the adventure suitable for both beginners and pros. Based on one’s capacities, tourists are free to choose a rafting level that meets their expertise from Basic, Standard, Moderate, and Advanced. The entire Ganga stretch has different starting points, although the finishing spot for all levels stays the same, i.e., Laxman Jhula.

The greatest point of rafting in Rishikesh is Kaudiyala which is intended for advanced level rafting professionals and is around 37 km from the city. One of the most favorite stretches of the river Ganges is Shivpuri to Rishikesh which is a 16 km river track while travelers can also pick the stretch from Marine Drive to Shivpuri, which gives rafters about 11 km of the wild flow of Ganges to relish. The lowest point is Brahmpuri mainly for beginners and is about 9 km above Rishikesh.

4) Camping out all day and night

It is always difficult for a traveler to define the mystical charm of Rishikesh. Although it is a spiritual destination for many, the main attraction of the place lies in the exciting activities that it offers in abundance. With a scenic and pleasant environment, Rishikesh makes up for a perfect camping destination.

The picturesque views of the Himalayas lighten the moods of its visitors, and the daring adventures bubble up to the excitement. A camping experience in Rishikesh is set amid the heavenly beauty and provides ample opportunities to explore the exciting outdoors. Savor its delicious and authentic local cuisines while away in leisure amidst the surrounding beauty.

5) Spicing up the stay with adventure

The camping experience gets more intoxicating when one gets the pleasure of fixing up their own campsites in the heart of nature and under the sky full of twinkling stars. Every campsite at Rishikesh offers a mind-boggling rundown of choices and goals like trekking, whitewater rafting, kayaking, etc.

One of the favorite campsites of Rishikesh is Camp Majestic. Not only do these camps offer incredible comfort stay along with a rafting experience but also have some fantastic activities planned for their guests like cliff jumping, rock climbing, trekking, Bungee Jumping, Fox Flying, Rappelling, and other indoor/outdoor games.

Bonus Tips to remember while on a Rishikesh trip

The experience of river rafting can be fun and game if you remember a few safety rules and keep some quintessential tips in mind. Double-check all your belongings before starting this exhilarating trail to the Ganges in order to have the right punch of water splashing all over you.

Never miss out on carrying essentials like sunscreen and sunglasses since you will have to face a lot of rough sun. Pack many synthetic clothes to keep your body warm during the river rafting trip. For a better experience of rafting, you may opt to take professional training and guidance much before the actual event.

So, this is the adventure that wondrous Rishikesh offers and makes its tourists fall in absolute love with its charm. The city rightly captures the essence of Incredible India to its fullest.

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