Activities to do in Jim Corbett National Park

Corbett Jeep Safari

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Welcome to Jim Corbett National Park, where the Royal Bengal Tigers enjoy a blissful and peaceful life. This is because the tiger reserve officials ensure that the habitat stays untouched during monsoon season. Also, only a few canters and jeeps are allowed to enter at a time. With so many restrictions and rules, the animals enjoy their natural habitat.

There are multiple things to do in Jim Corbett National Park. We have noted down the activities in this area. Let us take a quick look!

Jeep Safari (Information, Timing, Zones to Visit)

A jeep safari is the best way to explore the wilderness. The open jeep has space for 6 adults and 2 children. It is mandatory for the patrons to take a guide along with them. Whether it is spotting the Royal Bengal Tiger or the famous Mahseer fish, a guide would know the best spots to witness the true beauty of the jungle.

Corbett Park is home for approximately 500 species of birds and animals. You will certainly get to see the sambar deer, wild elephant, and exotic birds.

The best timing for a jeep safari in Corbett Park is from November to June. During monsoon season, the animals and birds need complete privacy and there is no fun in going for a safari while it is raining. Out of all the six zones, Bijrani is considered to be the best for a jeep safari. There are higher chances of spotting the majestic tiger. However, it is accessible from 5th October to 30th June.

During monsoon season, the gates are closed to enter this zone. If you are visiting this zone, there are two slots available. In the spring season, the gates are open from 5:45 AM and 2:30 PM. In the winter season, the gates are open from 6:30 PM and 1:00 PM.

Jhirna and Dhela’s zone is open throughout the year. The timing is the same as above, but these zones are accessible at any time of the year.

Canter Safari (Information, Timing, Zones to Visit)

Patrons can go for a canter safari in Dhikala Zone. During winters, the entry timing is 6 AM and 11:30 AM. In the spring season, the gates open at 5:45 AM and 12:30 PM. There are vehicle restrictions in every zone. Only 2 canter safaris are allowed in one slot. This means 32 people will be able to go for the safari in one slot.

Corbett Tiger Reserve Authority organizes the canter safari tours. It is best to reserve your seat beforehand. In one shift, the safari takes approximately 5 hours. Tourists reserve a seat a month before heading to Corbett. You must book it too! A guide shall come along with you for safety purposes. Also, they know the jungle very well and it is best to visit the jungle with a gunman or a naturist.

Elephant Ride

The commercial use of majestic elephants has been banned in Uttarakhand. This is because the animals get hurt during commercial use. This decision was made in the year 2018! Although it is a big disappointment for safari enthusiasts, the animal activists ensured that the animals should not get hurt in any way!

Paragliding (Kotabag)

If you are up for some adventure, head to Kotabagh for paragliding. If you want to fly and get an aerial view of Uttarakhand, this is the best activity for you. Anyone can perform this activity as an instructor goes with you. It is located 27 kilometers away from Jim Corbett and takes 30 minutes to reach the destination.

You can simply fly in the air and make a quick video of your adventure. You cannot miss this opportunity! The Kota Valley is mesmerizing and the tour operators ensure that your safety is a priority.

Adventure Activities

You can indulge in many other adventure activities near Jim Corbett. In Kota Bagh, there are rope-based adventure activities such as flying fox. It is going to be 7 meters above the river. River crossing, rock climbing, rappelling, hiking, and trekking are other exciting activities that you can perform at Jim Corbett.

Nature Trekking

Nature trekking is the best activity for people who love being close to the environment. There are lush green forests, trails, and birds to witness. There are many expert guides who organize nature treks. If you are staying in a resort, they will arrange the nature trek for you. Additionally, there are tour operators who organize nature walks in the morning.


Did you know that there are bird watching tour packages as well? You can opt for these and watch the most exotic birds. You may have never seen such colorful and unique birds around your house. This is because Jim Corbett is home to hundreds of species of birds. Don’t forget to take your camera along! Make sure that it does not have flash or irksome sounds. You must never scare the birds away! It is their habitat and we must respect their privacy.

There are approximately 550 species of birds here and is considered to be a rich spot for birding. You can witness birds like the red-headed vulture, great hornbill, broadbill, racket-tailed drongo, barbet, and many more species. Mongoli Valley is considered to be the best spot for watching birds.


Mahseer is a famous fish that can be found in the river. There is Goonch (Cat Fish), silver Mahsheer, black mahseer, and golden Mahseer. The authority takes good care of the animals and birds of the reserve. You are not allowed to do fishing in the reserve because the Mahseer fish is the pride of the area.

However, you can visit the Kosi River and do fishing. Opt for a fishing tour and all the necessary tools will be provided to you by the expert. The activity requires a lot of patience! Ramganga River in the Marchula Village is also a great spot for fishing. You can do fishing in the deep waters and enjoy the beautiful sight of the area.

Head to Corbett for an Exciting Tour

Jim Corbett is a great place for adventurers, peace-seekers, and nature lovers. If you are up for some adventure or peace, head to this tiger reserve. Even in the monsoon season, there are certain zones that are open. You can also enjoy sitting by the River Kosi and seeking blessings of Garjia Devi.

Make sure you book your canter safari/jeep safari ride beforehand!

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